Jifundishe is a small, Tanzanian nonprofit that funds and manages projects for community development by providing educational opportunities. Jifundishe is the Kiswahili word for “teach yourself.”

They believe in creating change for the community, especially for youth and women, through collaboration, capacity building and both formal and informal educational opportunities.
Rising Sun visualizes the huge impact of Jifundishe's mission which is to provide opportunities and lead to empowerment. Moreover, the Sun factor features the Tanzanian roots of the organization.

original pics: jifundishe.org
Books / Open book as an association to the original Jifundishe Free Library, also represents the source of knowledge, essential to personal growth and empowerment.

Jifundishe (pronounced “JEE foon DEE shay”) is the Swahili word meaning “teach yourself”. 

Their mission is to provide opportunities for young people as well as adults to teach themselves using technology, books, and programs relevant to their lives and their futures.

original pics: jifundishe.org

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