The creative challenge was to innovate around Yorkshire Tea product and to design something that will engage and benefit their younger customers. Yorkshire Tea’s slogan is ‘Let’s have a proper brew’, following this path my first association with ‘brew’ was beer, which is definately more attractive to young audience than tea,so the proper brew in a can  would be more appealing to a younger audience. The use of famous people originally coming from Yorkshire would encourage a younger demographic to drink  Yorkshire Tea, this is due to Sean Beans recent success in Game of Thrones, Mel B former Spice Girl and current X-Factor jury member and Ed Sheeran whos songs we can hear in every corner - that combination has a large fan base to build off. I have used the same colours from the original brand and assigned to each celebrity to keep a familiar feel to the product, this is so that existing consumers would find it enticing as well as giving it a ‘fresh’ rebrand.
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